The term 'Deeming' identifies the legislative framework currently in force in the United States regulating tobacco products for human consumption. The definition of “tobacco product” covers electronic cigarettes and in wider terms the so-called electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) and each of their components. The current Tobacco Control Act appoints the Food and Drug Administration as the relevant authority outlining production, distribution and sale of tobacco products in the USA.

TRUSTiCERT is a leading partner for manufacturers and importers wishing to market their products in the States and supply companies with a complete range of services concerning:


The law requires companies to provide several product information to FDA in order to acquire a formal authorization to enter the product in the market.


The regulated products are subjected to specific labeling requirements that must be respected from the 10th May 2018.


TRUSTiCERT support its partners to identify the procedure to be followed within the deadline through a direct contact with the FDA and other relevant bodies at local level.