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In recent years, competition between companies has moved globally, and more recently, new enabling technologies have appeared in many sectors.

Nowadays it is strategic to invest in high-quality R&D activities to raise the company competitiveness through the improvement of products and services.

Internal R&D capabilities can be developed learning extremely peculiar skills, that are not to be easily gained, beyond the installation of state-of-the-art technological equipments, that are often very expensive both in purchasing and maintenance.

These are the reasons why the ideal solution to optimize the results of an R&D activity, it’s to rely on a trusted partner, that can guarantee a strong skill background, and a solid history.

Our advantages

TRUSTiCERT counts on a team of professionals with degrees in biological, chemical and IT sciences. Thanks to the presence of 8 PhD in key positions, it relies on high -specialization in various sectors including:

  • analytical chemistry, to support the quality control and the product development;
  • issuing of toxicological dossiers, access to scientific databases, REACH support, CLP, toxicological inference through QSAR and Read-across;
  • programming, big data analysis and machine learning through deep neural networks.

Thanks to its roots in scientific research and to the direct relationships with Italian and international University, TRUSTiCERT offers is an extensive network of skills of the highest level, that can be spent in taylor-made research and development activities.


TRUSTiCERT coordinates several applied research projects, including:

  • clearstreamonward: project aimed at characterizing and measuring the toxicological impact of e-liquid for inhalation through innovative in vitro methods developed and optimized on demand (PARTNER: University of Milan-Bicocca; CUSTOMER: Private company);
  • TVDB (Tox Vaping DataBase): inhalation toxicology is a rather immature science. through vaping, many substances of natural or synthetic origin are regularly inhaled by millions of people all over the world. The goal is to develop methods and accumulate scientific evidence to be submitted to the European and US regulatory authorities through reports in the appropriate portals and scientific publications (PARTNER: CNR, University of Milan-Bicocca, University of Insubria, CUSTOMER: Private company);
  • FOSCOLO (FOrmulation and Stabilization of Local BiOactive Compounds): Applied research project funded by the Lombardy Region, in the context of the development framework program # AG4.1 New bioactive compounds from agri-food plant matrices, their extraction and stabilization and verification of functional properties to respond to the new needs of the consumer. The project aims to develop new practices for the transformation of products based on cannabidiol (CBD) and extracts of C. sativa. (PARTNER: University of Milan-Bicocca; CUSTOMER: TRUSTiCERT). The project was co-financed from the 2014-2020 POR FESR resources;
  • Vaping machine:in the context of ISO technical standardization we develop an innovative tool to standardize the production protocol of aerosol for the analysis of electronic cigarette emissions (PARTNER: PhD of the Milan Polytechnic; CUSTOMER: TRUSTiCERT);
  • Analytical methods of emissions: in the context of technical standardization CEN and ISO we develop and propose analytical methods for the analysis of electronic cigarette, e-liquids and emissions (PARTNER: University of Milan-Bicocca; CUSTOMER: TRUSTiCERT);
  • Patenting: TRUSTiCERT has financed the production of a technological demonstrator in the field of air flow measurement to be applied to third generation atomizers, connectable to Bluetooth.


Private research and development initiatives are also recognized as strategic activities at different levels of governance in a single country but also in the European Union.
For this reason, owning the required prerequisites it is possible to glean loan and refund sources, including:

  • special funds dedicated to supporting innovation (European, national, regional, local), eg: Horizon 2020;
  • national structural funds dedicated to enhancing investment in innovation such as tax credit for research and development and the so-called patent box.
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