The vaping world involved in the French ‘Mois sans tabac (Month without tobacco)’

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The ‘Mois sans tabac’ have been taking place in France since November 2016, and, same as the English StopOctober initiative, invites smokers to leave the cigarette for at least 30 days. This year also the vaping world is envolved.

Again this year, the initiative’s been being successful, focusing on the media tam-tam and on radio and TV campaigns that help smokers to better prepare for the challenge, by answering key questions about trying to quit: In what state of mind are we without a cigarette? How to overcome the urge to smoke? What are the benefits you obtain without a cigarette?
Starting from October, the video #MoisSansTabac was transmitted in 150 medical offices and 110 health facilities (hospitals, clinics).

Two fundamental features were the involvement of those who wanted to quit smoking is in dedicated communities, that was spread on social networks and on the national territory, and the support of both family members and professionals. Actually a telephone number is available for the smoker who are facing the month without tobacco to reach addiction experts that can help them identify their level of dependence and define the most suitable strategy to deal with it.

In addition to pharmacological methods for smoking cessation, the use of electronic cigarette is also one of the effective methods to fight smoking.
A detailed article can be found on the site where it is clearly reported that the electronic cigarette is much less harmful than the conventional cigarette, citing the latest studies of the High Council of Public Health, while underlining the need for long-term studies to rule out any form of other vaping-related harm.

In this year campaign, of particular meaning was the support received by producer and consumer associations of electronic cigarettes, Aiduce and Sovape from Public Health France. Although not appearing in the official communication of the event, in a joined press release of the associations “Public Health France has agreed to support the associations SOVAPE and AIDUCE, to help the approach of self-support.” This funding has allowed the experts of vaping to be present in the communities that the ‘Mois sans tabac’ wants to support people facing the challenge against cigarettes with.