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The stable contact with national and European authorities enables our experts to provide companies with a consulting advice in e-liquids and hardware components, to make them compliant with every ongoing regulation.


e-cigarette testing


e-liquids testing

The perfect blend:
your products, our support


We are not involved in any productive partnership, we’re a neutral and impartial entity: only your products count and we protect your industrial secrets through legal and IT support.

We are professional in the regulatory affairs: we submitted thousands of TPD-II notifications and provide comprehensive assistance for EU and US, thanks to direct contacts with the relevant authorities, partnerships with flavour companies and certified analytical institutes.

We are passionate about guiding vaping professional through regulatory and technological challenges to contribute to the diffusion of innovative devices with a low impact on health.



Analytical partners
Several agreements with certified laboratories allow us to benefit from the most advanced technologies to completely satisfy the requirements imposed by the actual legislation landscape.

R&D partners

We work with the best chemical and toxicological research groups thanks to precious collaboration with international institutions.

Scientific Committee

We make use of the experience of an international team of scientists and managers at the service of development and innovation projects.


Trusticert is an independent
SME that provides regulatory
and scientific support for the development
of the low-risk products.

Its highest objective is to support health and wellness through the diffusion of new technologies.

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Dangerous products: how the alerts circulate in Europe

Non-compliant vaping products continue to be available on the European market, despite the strict regulation; this practice represents a kind of unfair competition and may also pose risk for the health and safety of consumers, exposing moreover producers and importers to fines. To monitor the [...]

Track the present, be prepared for the future

In recent days two documents were published, well representing the actual vision of several regulatory bodies towards electronic cigarette, and that can help us to outline the evolution of the vaping regulatory scenario. […]

Compliance to TPD-II: sales volume submission

The TPD-II has introduced the obligation of submitting every year the sales volume of vaping products. Compliance with this TPD obligation is essential not to incur in penalties which may go from fines, even for thousands of Euros, to the withdrawal of the products. [...]