The UFI code & the new poison centres notification requirements

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The European Commission has officially issued the Regulation which will postpone the first compliance data to the provisions of Annex VIII of the CLP: the harmonized notification and the insertion of the UFI code on the packaging of mixtures intended for consumers will come into force from 1st January 2021. On this occasion, we take up our article published a few months ago in which our RA Chief answers to the most common questions of our customers. […]

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MHRA & TPD-II notifications: the time has come to check.

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MHRA is the relevant authority in the UK for application, control and assistance to companies in the context of TPD-II. We know that MHRA has actually started checking the notifications received, with particular attention to the presence of banned substances, defined in the TPD-II blacklist and in the national one. […]

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